Faust: Stretch Out Time cover Andy Wilson: Faust: Stretch Out Time 1970–75
Paper­back : 232 pages
ISBN-13 : 978–0955066450
Product dimen­sions : 13.97 x 1.35 x 21.59 cm
Pub­lish­er : Unkant Pub­lish­ers; Illus­trated edi­tion (7 Sept. 2006)
Lan­guage: : English
Per­haps a bet­ter hour may at some time strike even for the clev­er fel­lows: one in which they may demand, instead of pre­pared mater­i­al ready to be switched on, the impro­vis­at­ory dis­place­ment of things… As little as regress­ive listen­ing is a symp­tom of pro­gress in con­scious­ness of free­dom, it could sud­denly turn around if art, in unity with the soci­ety, should ever leave the road of the always identic­al.
“There is no group more myth­ic­al than Faust”
Juli­an Cope

“When the Ger­mans do some­thing, they don’t fuck around“
Jean-Her­vé Péron

A book about Faust, the legendary krautrock group. Fully illus­trated, it con­tains reviews of all of the group’s records from the peri­od 1970–75 as well as recount­ing the rise of Krautrock and its rela­tion to the social upheavals of the ’60s. There is also a dis­co­graphy, bib­li­o­graph­ies, live reviews and the text of the group’s 1973 mani­festo as well as essays on music and time and the group’s rela­tion to the work of Frank Zappa.

In 1970 Polydor Records fun­ded an unusu­al exper­i­ment. They gave some unknown Ger­man musi­cians a retreat in the coun­tryside near Ham­burg, equipped it with a stu­dio and their best engin­eer, then left them free to do as they liked. This is the story of Faust and the music they made between 1970 and 1975, music which con­tin­ues to inspire and con­found listen­ers to this day.

About the author: Andy Wilson cre­ated and ran the Faust web site, the Faust-Pages, from 1996. Dur­ing that time he col­lec­ted inform­a­tion about the band, inter­viewed band mem­bers and gen­er­ally researched the group’s his­tory. Now he has col­lec­ted that inform­a­tion into a book. He lives in Hack­ney, Lon­don, and has been listen­ing to Faust for the best part of a lifetime.

Con­tents: Das Lied Eines Matrosen; Ger­many Call­ing; On Curry­wurst; Clear / Faust ; So Far; Tony Con­rad: Out­side The Dream Syn­dic­ate; The Faust Tapes; Faust IV; Munich; Else­where; On Return­ing; Faust Live; Faust Mani­festo; Fruit Flies Like a Banana; Das also war des Pudels Kern; Dis­co­graphy; Online; Guide to Illus­tra­tions; Faust Bib­li­o­graphy; Gen­er­al Bib­li­o­graphy.

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