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Video Interview with Andy Wilson re. Jerusalem: Blake, Parry and the Fight for Englishness

The patriotic frenzy around Brexit and the death of Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor offers an opportunity to reappraise Blake’s song Jerusalem and the nationalistic impulse so many find in it. Here Conor Kostick interviews Andy Wilson about his recent review of Jason Whittaker’s new book on Blake’s ‘Jerusalem’.

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Iain Sinclair: Blake’s Mental Traveller and The Gold Machine, a Talk to the Blake Society

In Sept 2021, Iain Sinclair gave an improvised talk to the Blake Society about how Blake’s poem, The Mental Traveller, became the map and model for a lifetime of journeys and pilgrimage quests. The Mental Traveller was an awakening, to be experienced but not yet understood. The poem returned at various points in the years that followed, until it was acknowledged as the secret code for Sinclair’s most recent book, The Gold Machine, a late-life expedition to one of the sources of the Amazon, in the footsteps of his great-grandfather.

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