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Michael Tencer: Affirmisms

Fed up with the whole­some good­ness that pops magic­ally out of the neg­a­tion of the neg­a­tion every time you try it? Try Michael Ten­cer­’s affirm­a­tion of the affirm­a­tion instead to exper­i­ence a life crum­bling like your teeth in dreams.

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Video Interview with Andy Wilson re. William Blake vs the World

John Higgs recently pub­lished his book, Wil­li­am Blake vs the World—a ‘coun­ter­cul­tur­al’ take on Blake’s work, writ­ten for a non-aca­dem­ic audi­ence. Here, Con­or Kostick inter­views Andy Wilson about his review of the book and more gen­er­ally about Blake’s rel­ev­ance to the countrculture.

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Sac­red to Har­po­crates were first fruits of veget­ables, len­tils, and, above all, the peach tree. His moth­er was Isis, of course, and we may note that in the Valentini­an Pler­oma, the prim­al Moth­er, the First Thought of the incom­pre­hens­ible Bythos, is called Sig, ‘silence.’ As the Nag Ham­madi text Eugnos­tos the Blessed relates: “Sophia, his con­sort, who was called ‘Silence,’ because in reflect­ing without a word she per­fec­ted her Greatness.”

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The Blake Bloc

Blake Bloc, con­ceived by Poets, Artists and Pho­to­graph­ers and the ban­ner designed by Artist Mat­thew Couper, brings back vis­ion­ary and poet­ic anarch­ism to the con­ven­tion­al march of protest. Last seen with Blake’s influ­ence, through Gins­berg, on six­ties anti-war demon­stra­tions and incor­por­at­ing the once-proud trade uni­on and suf­fra­gette ban­ners of the nine­teenth cen­tury. Bear­ing Wil­li­am Blake’s images and his immor­tal words — ‘Oppos­i­tion is True Friend­ship’ — this ban­ner isn’t for the bin after­wards with the pile of plac­ards ! It’s a work of art as much as a protest in the Blakean tra­di­tion of Wil­li­am Mor­ris elev­at­ing social­ist ideals.

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Peter Linebaugh’s Red Round Globe, Hot, Burning

The Irish Inde­pend­ent Left con­duc­ted an inter­view with the his­tor­i­an Peter Line­baugh about his book, Red Round, Globe Hot, Burn­ing, which dis­cusses Blake at sev­er­al points and makes some excel­lent obser­va­tions about him, Thomas Spence, and oth­ers, and their rel­ev­ance to our times.

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