Michael Ten­cer, Andy Wilson (eds): The Assassin
Paper­back : 518 pages
ISBN-13 : 978–0992650926
Product dimen­sions : 18.9 x 3.58 x 24.61 cm
Pub­lish­er : Unkant Pub­lish­ers; 518th ed. edi­tion (1 Dec. 2014)
Lan­guage: : English

In the fort­resses of the Assas­sins were kept alight the lamps of learn­ing, cul­ture and intel­lec­tu­al free­dom which else­where were dimmed by the forces of bar­bar­ism. The Assas­sins present us with the intriguing spec­tacle of mutu­ally sup­port­ing oppos­ites, of wis­dom safe­guarded by ignor­ance, of free thought by fan­at­icism, of the utmost dar­ing in spec­u­la­tion by an utter sub­mis­sion of intel­lect and will.
Frank Rid­ley, The Assas­sins

Unkant Reader 

The Assas­sin includes excerpts from all the Unkant pub­lic­a­tions released since we star­ted out in 2011: Ben Wat­son, Adorno for Revolu­tion­ar­ies • Sean Bon­ney, Hap­pi­ness : Poems After Rim­baud • Ray Challinor, The Struggle for Hearts and Minds : Essays on the Second World War • Dave Black & Chris Ford, 1839 : The Chartist Insur­rec­tion • Ben Wat­son, Blake in Cam­bridge • Jim Hig­gins, More Years for the Locust : The Ori­gins of the SWP • Ken Fox, Azmud : An Oily Saga on the Sur­face of the Word Bath in 5 Expired Gen­er­a­tions • Andy Wilson (ed), Cos­mic Orgasm : The Music of Ian­cu Dumitres­cu • Dave Renton, Social­ism From Below : Writ­ings from an Unfin­ished Tra­di­tion • Esth­er Leslie, Derel­icts : Thought Worms from the Wreck­age • Rob Del­lar, Split­ting in Two : Mad Pride and Punk Rock Obli­vi­on • Dave Black (ed), Helen Mac­far­lane : Red Repub­lic­an.


Also with­in are the com­plete pamph­lets : Ian Land, The SWP vs Len­in • Ben Wat­son, Music, Viol­ence, Truth • and an extract from Andy Wilson, Faust : Stretch Out Time.

AMM Journal

There are also 100s of pages of scores, pho­to­graphs, poems, paint­ings and images, essays, com­ics, reviews, notices and mani­fes­tos from the AMM, its friends and sup­port­ers. Fea­tured art­icles include essays on Com­ic Book Marx­ism • Jeff Keen Flix • Cri­tique of the Situ­ation­ist Dia­lectic • Wil­helm Reich and Class Con­scious­ness • The State of Scripts • Car­toon Trum­pets and Horse­shit • The 60s Coun­ter­cul­ture, and the Cul­ture of the Left, and more. Con­trib­ut­ors : Jules Alford • Ana-Maria Avram • Derek Bailey • Dave Black • Sean Bon­ney • Shar­on Borth­wick • Sky Budgen • Dun­ya Buel­er • Mar­ie-Angelique Buel­er • Stu­art Calton • Louise Chal­lice • Eugene Chad­bourne • Ray Challinor • Soph­ie Clare • Ged Col­gan • Elean­or Crook • Rob Del­lar • THF Drench­ing • Ian­cu Dumitres­cu • Evil Dick • Simon H. Fell • Keith Fish­er • Chris Ford • Ken Fox • Richard Hem­mings • Jim Hig­gins • I’d M Thfft Able • Stefan Jaworzyn • Asger Jorn • jwcurry • Jeff Keen • Ian Land • Daphne Law­less • Esth­er Leslie • Johan Lif • Steven Lowery • Manchester Left Writers • Len Mas­sey • Dav­id Mills • Elkka Reign Nyou­kis • Dan O’Don­nell • Guil­laume Ollendorff • Out To Lunch • Har­vey Pekar • Ed Piskor • Michel Pri­gent •  JH Prynne • The Psy­che­del­ic Bolshev­iks • Tom Raworth • Dave Renton • Jenny Rus­sell • Peter Shield • Andy Shone • Son­ic Pleas­ure •  Ver­ity Spott • Luke Staunton • Michael Ten­cer • John Tursi • Ben,  Iris and Mor­de­cai Wat­son • Andy and Hux­ley Wilson • Susann Witt-Stahl.