Theo: The Straight Balance: Islamic Alchemy and Moorish Science

We are told that alchemy arrived in ‘Lat­in Europe’ on Fri­day, the 11th Feb­ru­ary 1144, when Robert of Chester com­pleted his trans­la­tion of De Com­posi­tione Alchemi­ae. This manu­script allegedly con­sists of the teach­ings of the monk ‘Morienus’, as giv­en to the Umayy­id Prince Khal­id ibn Yazid. Accord­ing to legend, this shad­owy fig­ure assists Khal­id in deci­pher­ing a cryptic manu­script describ­ing the mak­ing of the philosopher’s stone, and then dis­ap­pears into the desert.

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