AffirmismsMichael Ten­cer: Affirm­isms
Bath­room Books, 2021
Paper­back: 80 pp

Michael Ten­cer­’s long-awaited Affirm­isms has finally dropped off the print­ing press. Painstak­ingly and lov­ingly made for your total mis­sat­is­fac­tion, Affirm­isms drips with hard-won wis­dom from a dam­aged life, and every trim shows it.

Fed up with the whole­some good­ness that pops magic­ally out of the neg­a­tion of the neg­a­tion every time you try it? Try Michael Ten­cer­’s affirm­a­tion of the affirm­a­tion instead to exper­i­ence a life crum­bling like your teeth in dreams.

Michael says: I wrote a book! It’s called ‘Affirm­isms.’ And I pub­lished the thing too. Cornered the mar­ket!
It’s avail­able at for $10, plus $4 ship­ping in the US. Cheap! Out­side of the US, try email­ing Bath­room Books to ask for post­age rates.
As you may have guessed from the title, it’s a book of aph­or­isms… only stu­pid! They’re “pearls of wis­dom from wrong life.” That’s sorta like the blurb. If you’re inter­ested in poetry, I sup­pose you could call it poetry, though you’ll prob­ably be dis­ap­poin­ted! For every­one else, let’s just say it’s basic­ally a book of jokes and leave it at that.
Tell all your friends and espe­cially your enemies!

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