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Aleks McHugh: The Golem Returns

In the wake of the attempted QAnon putsch, and in the run-up to the inauguration of Joe Biden, when Trump’s supporters are expected to take to the streets again, Aleks McHugh considers QAnon hysteria and social media generally as incarnations of Meyrink’s Golem, as portrayed in the 1920 film by Paul Wegener.

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Link’s Strategy Guide for Ghosts

Hauntology is a dying art. Haha. I’m not familiar with the social theory of the hauntologist. I just like the atmosphere. I wonder if to study haunting, really study it, one has to be a ghost oneself. Study haunting first-hand. Like
seeing from the future. A ghost in the cobweb-filled corridors. Play on the old piano, rattle some armor. Know all the
secret passageways, where lost treasures are waiting

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Theo: The Straight Balance: Islamic Alchemy and Moorish Science

We are told that alchemy arrived in ‘Latin Europe’ on Friday, the 11th February 1144, when Robert of Chester completed his translation of De Compositione Alchemiae. This manuscript allegedly consists of the teachings of the monk ‘Morienus’, as given to the Umayyid Prince Khalid ibn Yazid. According to legend, this shadowy figure assists Khalid in deciphering a cryptic manuscript describing the making of the philosopher’s stone, and then disappears into the desert.

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