“Of course the sys­tem can not be beaten on its own terms. It can be beaten by cre­at­ing terms out­side the sys­tem. One hole and everything leaks out. To use a simple illus­tra­tion: Ima­gine an island com­pletely isol­ated from out­side con­tacts. This island is gov­erned by the con­trol of money. The inhab­it­ants are gran­ted money = power com­fort secur­ity if they serve the interests of money and in exact quant­it­at­ive meas­ure for the ser­vices per­formed. Now ima­gine someone who does not wish either to advance in the hier­archy of the sys­tem nor to suf­fer its sanc­tions who points out that quite oth­er norms are pos­sible. The whole weight of the sys­tem will be dir­ec­ted against him. All exist­ing sys­tems are based on abso­lute mono­poly — the premise that no oth­er sys­tem is pos­sible — mon­itored by the hier­arch­ic­al lie that all spir­itu­al and tem­por­al rewards can only come through the sys­tem. The pyr­am­id of Life Time For­tune dol­ing out sti­pends of the life time and for­tune they have stolen and mono­pol­ised, the com­mun­ist hier­archy of power, the Cath­ol­ic Church’s mono­poly of the Grace of God, such sys­tems of so called mys­tic ini­ti­ation as the Gurdjief­fi­ans and the Sci­ento­lo­gists.. it is all the same thing: total mono­poly of a com­mod­ity wheth­er spir­itu­al or tem­por­al and a pay­off in the mono­pol­ised com­mod­ity… A child­ish game that must end if the human exper­i­ment is to continue.” 

Wil­li­am Bur­roughs to John Bro­d­er­ick 18-xii-1965