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Blake Bloc, con­ceived by Poets, Artists and Pho­to­graph­ers and the ban­ner designed by Artist Mat­thew Couper, brings back vis­ion­ary and poet­ic anarch­ism to the con­ven­tion­al march of protest. Last seen with Blake’s influ­ence, through Gins­berg, on six­ties anti-war demon­stra­tions and incor­por­at­ing the once-proud trade uni­on and suf­fra­gette ban­ners of the nine­teenth cen­tury. Bear­ing Wil­li­am Blake’s images and his immor­tal words — ‘Oppos­i­tion is True Friend­ship’ — this ban­ner isn’t for the bin after­wards with the pile of plac­ards! It’s a work of art as much as a protest in the Blakean tra­di­tion of Wil­li­am Mor­ris elev­at­ing social­ist ideals. Blake Bloc has demon­strated at the anti-fas­cist demo and the Lon­don march against Trump this sum­mer as well as join­ing the Wil­li­am Blake Con­greg­a­tion for their annu­al free Blake Risin’ death­day pic­nic on 12th August. Here they held the inaug­ur­al World Anti Fas­cism Poetry Day in memory of the Night of the Murdered Poets. The Blake Bloc ban­ner was hung on the holy Blake plane tree in Bunhill Fields grave­yard and poems read out to com­mem­or­ate the Jew­ish poets murdered by Stal­in on the night of 12th August 1952. Dareen Tatour, the Palestini­an poet recently imprisoned for 5 months for writ­ing a res­ist­ance poem against Israeli oppres­sion, was also remembered. Blake Bloc will be at many fights in the future. Blake Bloc is big and can only get big­ger. No Arse­holes! No SWP! No Fas­cists or Torys!

Blake Bloc rocks!

Blake Bloc Rocks
Let the pathet­ic fas­cists hiss
Blake Bloc knocks the socks off injustice!
Nobody mocks Blake Bloc!
Blake marches with our spir­itu­al nation
Trump is the Abom­in­a­tion of Des­ol­a­tion!
Blake’s muscles hold our proud ban­ner high
Through the battle we shall fly We’ll march the field from Isling­ton to Maryle­bone
Singing Jerusalem‘s com­ing home
From Prim­rose Hill to St John‘s Wood
We’ll cre­ate Jerusalem‘s neigh­bour­hood From St Pan­cras ‘n’ where Kentish Town repose
We’ll keep the cor­rupt on their toes
For we are the Tygers of the Blake Bloc
Energy is Etern­al Delight
‘N’ we are ready for the fight! King Mob‘s Glad Day Drink the burn­ing rivers of gin and die!
Newg­ate prised open in blood by His Majesty King Mob
Tramp­ling down the motheaten ortho­doxy of oppres­sion
King Mob — born of Bed­lam for a Glad Day riot
Its a Glad Day to see the pris­ons burn ‘n’
Liberty walks — hands out­stretched — a phoenix of Hope
Come out! Come out!
Wherever you are King Mob
Walk the sun­lit moun­tains of Free­dom today
Break free of your chains to Urizen’s Dark Mills
Lon­don’s aflame — and the magis­trates who read out the riot act -
We know where you live and with­in hours your rooftops’ll burn
Your books ‘n’ bed­ding thrown in the streets
King Mob of Bed­lam rules today in his Glad Day-
‘N’ Orc’s pitch­fork prods the burn­ing flames Steph­en Micalef