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Sacred to Harpocrates were first fruits of vegetables, lentils, and, above all, the peach tree. His mother was Isis, of course, and we may note that in the Valentinian Pleroma, the primal Mother, the First Thought of the incomprehensible Bythos, is called Sig, ‘silence.’ As the Nag Hammadi text Eugnostos the Blessed relates: “Sophia, his consort, who was called ‘Silence,’ because in reflecting without a word she perfected her Greatness.”

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The Blake Bloc

Blake Bloc, conceived by Poets, Artists and Photographers and the banner designed by Artist Matthew Couper, brings back visionary and poetic anarchism to the conventional march of protest. Last seen with Blake’s influence, through Ginsberg, on sixties anti-war demonstrations and incorporating the once-proud trade union and suffragette banners of the nineteenth century. Bearing William Blake’s images and his immortal words — ‘Opposition is True Friendship’ — this banner isn’t for the bin afterwards with the pile of placards ! It’s a work of art as much as a protest in the Blakean tradition of William Morris elevating socialist ideals.

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